How to Solve UC Browser Download Retrying/Resume Problem

UC Browser is a popular mobile browser app that is used by millions of people globally. It is known for its data compression and download acceleration features that allow fast browsing even on slower internet connections.

However, some users face issues with UC Browser getting stuck while downloading files or retrying downloads repeatedly. This prevents you from resuming interrupted downloads and can be very frustrating. Here is a step-by-step guide to solving the UC Browser download retrying/resume problem:

Steps to Fix UC Browser Download Retrying Problem

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing to check is whether you have a stable internet connection. Downloads may fail or retry if you have a weak network connection or intermittent connectivity issues.

  • Ensure you have decent WiFi or mobile data connectivity. Move closer to the router if on WiFi.
  • Check if you can browse websites properly without disconnections or slow speeds.
  • Run a speed test to verify you have a good connection.

This eliminates any network-related problems that may disrupt transfers.

2. Clear Cache and Data

Over time, storage caches and data may get corrupted, which can lead to UC Browser download issues. Clearing these can help resolve such problems.

  • Open Settings > Apps on your Android device
  • Locate and tap on UC Browser in the list
  • Tap Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons

This will delete all temporary internet files and reset UC Browser to default settings.

3. Update to Latest Version

An outdated version of UC Browser can also be responsible for download interruption problems. Ensure you are running the latest updated version.

Updating eliminates any bugs in older versions that may trigger resume failures.

4. Toggle Download Settings

Certain settings configured inside UC Browser can sometimes obstruct file transfers leading to retries. Toggling them often helps mitigate the issue.

  • Launch the UC Browser app
  • Tap the More button (3 dots at bottom)
  • Go to Downloads > Settings
  • Disable and re-enable – Background downloads, Auto resume downloads, Parallel download
  • Toggle Pause downloads option off and on

Cycling through combinations of these download-related settings resets them, clearing any problematic remnants that could stall downloads.

5. Try Different Network

In rare cases, there may be incompatibility between UC Browser and something specific to your network that inhibits file transfers. Trying a different WiFi or mobile data often resolves this.

Connect your phone to another WiFi network or switch mobile data SIM cards between different providers. Then check if UC Browser downloads work properly without constant retrying. This will confirm if the problem lies with your existing operator’s network protocols.

Another way to fix this problem

If you’ve gone through the steps mentioned earlier and continue encountering a download retry error, it’s possible the issue lies with your download link. Frequently, this problem arises from an expired link.

So to solve this issue, you have to update your download link, which you can easily update from the download section of your UC browser.

To update the download link, you have to visit the download page of the file that you are trying to download.

Now, copy the active download link from that page and come to the UC browser download section.

Now tap and hold on the error download file and click on the update download link.

uc browser download error

Now paste the downloaded link that you have copied from the download page.

Now click on the save button, and this step will 100% solve your problem.

This method works well for UC Mini as well, so if you are facing this problem in UC Mini, please use this method.


By following the steps above, you should be able to successfully troubleshoot and fix any UC Browser download retrying or resume issues you may encounter.

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