About Us

UC Browser.net is the leading third-party resource for downloading UC Browser and related applications. Although not officially affiliated with UCWeb, we aim to support UC Browser users by conveniently providing the latest versions of the popular mobile browser.

Our Focus

Our sole focus is UC Browser and its related applications. We offer fast, free and unlimited downloads of:

And much more across platforms. We keep our site strictly UC Browser-focused rather than bombarding visitors with unrelated content.

Our Promise

We take great care to responsibly provide official links to UCWeb’s products. All apps are hosted by their original developers—we never modify anything without explicit permission.

Our site is simply an easy way to find the real UC Browser apps you know and love. We believe accessing the open internet should be convenient for all.

Looking Ahead

As long as UC Browser keeps trailblazing better mobile browsing, we plan to support them in our own small way. We’ll make sure our site remains cleanly designed and easy to navigate to find what you need.

No matter how the mobile landscape evolves, UC Browser has a bright future ahead. And UC Browser.net will be here to help more people unlock that smooth, lightning-fast browsing experience.

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