UC Browser Old Versions Download For Android (All Versions)

If you want to download the old versions of UC Browser, then this page will help you. In the middle of this page, you can see the old versions of UC Browser. You can choose any old version of UC Browser for your needs.

In the fast-paced world of technology, apps are constantly evolving with new updates and features. However, some users may have reasons to seek out older versions of apps.

This article delves into the realm of UC Browser’s old versions and their importance. While many users prefer the latest updates, others find value in older versions for various reasons.

Provide an intriguing glimpse into the world of UC Browser’s past iterations, uncovering the reasons to consider older versions and offering insights on how they can cater to specific user needs.

Why Choose UC Browser Old Versions?

Choosing the old version of UC Browser is an individual choice of users, but there are some common reasons people choose the old version of UC Browser over the latest version of uc browser. you can also use UC Browser Mini if you’re on a low-end device.

Familiarity and Nostalgia: Many users opt for the UC Browser’s old versions because they bring back cherished memories and a sense of nostalgia from the past.

Unique Features: Older versions may offer features that are no longer available in the latest updates, catering to specific user preferences.

Compatibility: Some users with older devices prefer old versions as they might work better with limited hardware capabilities.

Stability: Older versions have undergone extensive testing and bug fixes, providing a reliable browsing experience for some users.

Past Designs: Each version of UC Browser has its unique design, and exploring old versions lets users appreciate the app’s evolution.


While using old versions can be exciting, it’s essential to be cautious. Older versions may lack the latest security updates, making them potentially vulnerable to threats. For maximum security, we recommend you use the latest version of uc browser.

Download UC Browser Old Versions

UC Browser Apk Download Old Version for Android. You can choose the UC Browser old version when you’re using a lower android version (UC Browser will not work on android version lower than android 4.4). please test all these old uc browser apk to find which one is for you.

VersionFile SizeUpdated DateDownload Link MBMay 27, 2022Get MBApril 13, 2023Get MBApril 11, 2021Get MBApril 1, 2020Get MBJanuary 15, 2020Get MBSeptember 29, 2019Get MBJanuary 23, 2019Get MBSeptember 25, 2017Get MBAugust 23, 2017Get MBNovember 23, 2016Get MBNovember 8, 2016Get MBSeptember 18, 2016Get MBAugust 18, 2016Get MBJuly 13, 2016Get MBJune 8, 2016Get
10.9.515.3 MBMay 31, 2016Get
10.8.815.8 MBApril 10, 2016Get MBMarch 14, 2016Get MBJanuary 21, 2016Get
10.7.516.4 MBJanuary 8, 2016Get MBNovember 15, 2015Get
10.6.216 MBSeptember 8, 2015Get MBAugust 2, 2015Get MBJuly 6, 2015Get MBJune 25, 2015Get MBJune 6, 2015Get MBApril 13, 2015Get MBMarch 28, 2015Get MBFebruary 14, 2015Get MBJanuary 25, 2015Get MBDecember 22, 2014Get
10.0.013 MBNovember 29, 2014Get
10.0.013 MBNovember 22, 2014Get

If you want to download UC browser for your pc than you can download from here: uc browser for pc.


Why would someone prefer to use an older version of the UC Browser?

Some users might prefer older versions for their familiarity, specific features, or if their devices have lower system requirements.

Can I use an old UC Browser version on my current device?

Before downloading, check the version’s compatibility with your device’s operating system and hardware specifications.

Are older versions of the UC Browser still supported with updates?

Generally, older versions might not receive regular updates, potentially leading to security and performance issues.

Are UC Browser’s old versions safe to use?

Downloading from trusted sources reduces the risks, but it’s essential to consider security implications, such as outdated security patches.

Can using older UC Browser versions expose my data to risks?

Outdated versions might lack the latest security measures, potentially putting your data at risk. Updating to the latest version is advisable for enhanced security.

Are there any privacy concerns related to using old UC Browser versions?

Older versions may not have the latest privacy features, potentially affecting data protection. It’s best to use the most recent version available.

Will I get all the latest features in older UC Browser versions?

New features are typically introduced in the latest versions, so older versions might lack certain enhancements and improvements.

Can I still enjoy fast browsing with an old UC Browser version?

While older versions may offer acceptable browsing speed, the latest version is likely to provide the best performance and speed optimizations.

How do I know if I should switch to the latest UC Browser version?

It is generally recommended to use the latest version to enjoy the most recent features, security updates, and optimal performance.


Using UC Browser old versions can offer certain advantages, such as familiarity, specific features, and compatibility with older devices. However, it’s crucial to consider potential security risks and limited updates associated with older versions. We encourage readers to explore older versions responsibly, keeping in mind the importance of data privacy and security.

For the best browsing experience, it is recommended to use the latest version of UC Browser whenever possible, as it provides the most recent features, security enhancements, and optimal performance. Stay informed, make informed decisions, and enjoy a smooth and secure browsing experience with UC Browser!

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